Parliament computers used to erase ex-Speaker’s rorting from Wikipedia

Computers at Victoria’s State Parliament have been used to edit the Wikipedia page of disgraced MP Telmo Languiller, removing references to his $38,000 claims for a second home which led to his resignation as Speaker.

An anonymous Wikipedia user deleted a whole paragraph of text about the expenses scandal from Languiller’s biography, claiming it was “irrelevant”.

But a check of the location of user’s IP address ( shows the person making the edits was using a Parliament computer at the time.

The deleted text, which was subsequently reinstated by a Wikipedia editor, reads:

In February 2017, The Age newspaper reported that Languiller had claimed $37,678 in second residence allowances to live in Queenscliff, a considerable distance from his western suburbs electorate of Tarneit. Languiller acknowledged that claiming the allowance had not met “community standards”, and offered to repay the money. On 25 February, he resigned as speaker.

Telmo Languiller was on leave from Parliament at the time…

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