Congratulations Mr Speaker – now can I have the list of MPs with second homes?

On 21 February I asked the Speaker of the Victorian Parliament for a list of all MPs claiming an allowance for a second home.

Two days later the Speaker was front page news after I kicked off the expenses scandal by suggesting he was rorting the system (he was). I never got a reply to my request for the list.

So with a new Speaker installed today, I’ve written to him to ask again for the same information:

Dear Mr Brooks

Firstly, congratulations on being elected as the new Speaker.

I am contacting you to ask for a list of all State MPs who claimed the second residence allowance in the last financial year, and how much each claimed.

I did request this information from the previous Speaker on 21 February, shortly before the allowances scandal became public. For obvious reasons, I never got a response. I would therefore like to request this from you as the new Speaker. Given everything that has happened in the past two weeks, I would hope this information can now be fully disclosed as requested, without further delay.

Would you please consider this request as a priority and ask the DPS [Department of Parliamentary Services] to send me the information as soon as possible?

Many thanks in advance.

William Summers

The expenses scandal makes it even more important this information is released. Personally, I want to know if any other MPs are doing the same. I’m pleased MP allowances will now be reformed, but that doesn’t mean MPs cheating the system now should be protected.

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